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Township Committee Votes for P.O. Development and Tax Breaks Despite Public Outcry


I was proud to stand up last night with many other committed community members and express my opposition to both the redevelopment proposal at the post office site and the tax breaks for the developer. Despite overwhelming sentiment expressed by the large crowd in attendance, the Township Committee voted to proceed with both. One of my opponents, Jerry Ryan, cast the deciding vote in favor of the PILOT (payment in lieu of taxes) for the developer. This was a disappointing (but not surprising) result, and clearly shows that Maplewood needs new voices in local government. I want to bring fresh ideas and be the next generation of leadership for our town. I will speak for, and listen to, young families and other concerned citizens whose voices are going unheard.

Here is a video of the meeting. If you want to see me addressing the Committee, my remarks can be found beginning at the 1:00:08 and 2:18:53 marks of the video.

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